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Legal issues are rarely ever simple and can be quite complex. Legal issues also put a lot of responsibility on you. Issues such as estate planning, declaring bankruptcy, startup counsel, and more are all very significant and need to be handled correctly and efficiently. 

Many people might think that they do not need an attorney. After all, if they just present their case in court truthfully and earnestly, that should work, right?

The reality is that an experienced attorney can mean the difference between a favorable and unfavorable outcome in a case. No matter what kind of legal issue you have, getting the help of an experienced attorney is always a good idea as they can ensure that you get the best legal outcome possible. An attorney can help you effectively navigate the legal quagmire and complex laws that stand in the way of you and a favorable outcome. 

Our goal here at Moseman Law is to handle your case with the care and expertise that only a dedicated professional can bring. We understand that every case is different and so take a unique approach to solve each client’s legal issues. If you are considering hiring legal counsel, contact us today to see how to get started. 

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Bankruptcy exists as a means for a person to get financial relief when debt has exhausted all their finances. The US originally established the Bankruptcy Code as a means to help citizens who were experiencing financial trouble. The various requirements and restrictions on declaring bankruptcy have changed significantly over the years, most recently in 2005. These changes included educational requirements and income limits on filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Declaring bankruptcy is an important issue and an experienced lawyer can help you analyze all the possible options, so you can make the one that is best for your finances. 

Probate & Estate Planning

Having a family member pass away suddenly can leave you with a lot of legal responsibilities. If you are in charge of managing the estate and probate of a family member that has passed away recently, then you could use the services of an experienced attorney. Executing a will and managing the estate of family members includes several legal steps and without an attorney to guide you through the process, it is easy to get lost and not know what to do. Among other things, a probate lawyer can help you identify estate assets, locate and identify beneficiaries, distribute assets and inheritance, settle tax disputes or issues, determine inheritance taxes, and make sure that all legal paperwork regarding the handling of your deceased loved ones’ estate is handled in a matter congruent with the law.  

Real Estate

Real estate is often one of the most important assets that a person owns. Unlike intangible assets like stocks and bonds, real estate is a physical thing, and the laws surrounding buying, selling, financing, and renovating real estate are often complex and multi-layered. Several people jump right into dealing with real estate without understanding what they have gotten themselves into. 

An experienced attorney can help you review paperwork and registration for properties, communicate with owners and lead negotiations, and make sure that all rules and regulations are followed in the transaction, zoning, or acquisition of property. Property law is often specific depending on the location, so hiring a local real estate attorney is generally a good idea as they have specific knowledge of the regulations, zoning practices, and other legal issues regarding property. 

Business Startups

Unfortunately, the majority of businesses will fail, according to statistics. However, that does not have to be your business. One of the most common reasons a business fails is because the owner tries to handle everything on their own. There are several laws and regulations surrounding the formation of a new business such as the formation of a new tax entity, financials, and liability concerns. At Moseman Law, we enjoy working with new business owners so that they are prepared for everything that the business world has in store for them 

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