Why You Need a Will

No one wants to think about preparing a Will or Trust.

No one wants to think about a living will or healthcare power of attorney.

55% of people do not have a will…
Don’t let that be you.

However, if something were to happen to you and you do not have a plan in place for what happens to your stuff or who takes care of your children after you and your spouse are gone the state decides for you.

If you do not have a Will or Trust that states who you want to receive your assets upon your death the state will determine that for you according to the state laws of intestate succession. That means that your spouse could lose money to your children or Aunt Betty could inherit from you instead of your favorite charity. If you have not chosen who takes care of your children if you and your spouse should die at the same time the state and the probate court determine who cares for your children.

If you should be in a tragic accident and be unable to determine your own healthcare needs and desires or deal with your own finances and you have not prepared the proper powers of attorney then your loved ones will have to ask the court for permission to care for you and they will be under the watchful eye of the probate court as they address your healthcare and financial matters.

No one wants to think about a plan for their incapacity or death, but if you don’t the state has a plan for you and you might not like it.