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Ashtabula Estate Planning AttorneyAt Moseman Law Office, we are proud to be an Ashtabula estate planning attorney. This means that we focus on matters like probate, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Guardianships and Last Will & Testaments. Our goal is to use all of our knowledge, skills, and experience to develop the right strategies for our customers, allowing us to provide them with the best results with minimal time and cost. 


We are a Client-Focused Law Firm

Heather Moseman is an experienced Ashtabula estate planning attorney who will focus on your legal rights and best interests. We work hard to provide each client with the reliable and trusted legal service that we need. We understand that when you need legal services, you need help right away, and we strive to respond quickly to all of the questions and concerns of our clients during each step of the process. 

When you need an attorney to provide you with efficient and practical legal solutions, and someone who is responsive and there to help you out, then we guarantee we are the right law firm for you!


Ashtabula Estate Planning Law Firm

Our Ashtabula, OH legal team is here to help with all of your estate planning needs. Whether you need help with bankruptcy, probate and estate planning, or another one of our services, we are here to help make this process as smooth as possible. 

Some of the legal matters we can help you with include:

Probate and Estate Planning

It is critical to have a plan for your belongings, regardless of your family, marital, or financial situation. Without an updated will, the Ohio laws will decide who will inherit your property and how to distribute that inheritance. Unless you want the state of Ohio to make these decisions, then contact Attorney Heather Moseman today to help with all of your estate planning needs. This will help ensure that your estate goes to the right people, whether they are closely related to you or not. 


A Will serves as a fundamental document in estate planning, outlining your desires for asset distribution upon your passing. It only comes into effect after your death and can be modified as many times as you wish beforehand. Your will can designate multiple beneficiaries, appoint guardians for minor children, and may even establish a trust to manage assets for minor beneficiaries. By crafting a will, you ensure that your assets are allocated according to your wishes, regardless of whether they already have designated beneficiaries.


A trust is an alternative estate planning mechanism offering greater flexibility than a will. Typically established during your lifetime, a trust allows access to assets by either yourself or a designated trustee at any point. The most common form is a Revocable Living Trust, which can be altered until your death. However, recent revisions to federal and state tax laws have diminished the necessity of trusts for asset protection.

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