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When you make an appointment at Moseman Law Office our goal is to provide you with answers to situations that may currently seem impossible. Because we know and understand Ohio Law, we often help our clients find solutions they didn’t know were even options.

In order to help you as much as possible, we will need information from you.  The more of these documents that you bring with you, the sooner we will be able to assess your situation and provide you with answers including a strategy.


  • Tax Returns for the last two (2) years
  • Pay Stubs for the last 6 months for your (and spouse if applicable)
  • Copy of recent bank statements for all accounts
  • Copy of life insurance policies
  • Copy of 401K plan – most recent statement
  • Copy of property deeds
  • Copy of any home loan or refinancing if done in last five years
  • Titles to vehicles owned
  • Copy of proof of vehicle and home insurance
  • Recent credit card and other bills
  • Copy of any other outstanding debts or loans

Bankruptcy – signing meeting

  • Printout of bank balances for all accounts for the day of filing
  • Most recent pay stubs
  • Any new bills or collection notices
  • Any new lawsuit paperwork/pleadings
  • Any documentation requested by Moseman Law Office

Bankruptcy – Meeting of creditors (all meetings are currently virtual)

  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to your meeting time – to Moseman Law Office
  • Bank statements for all accounts that cover the date your case was filed
  • Any information requested by Moseman Law Office

Estate Planning

  • Copy of any prior Estate Planning Documents;
  • Any prenuptial, marital, or divorce agreements;
  • An initial list of those who you would designate to serve on your behalf (including Executor, Trustee, Guardian, and Power of Attorney);
  • An initial list of those who you wish to receive bequests from your estate;
  • Contact information of all immediate family members;
  • Contact information of all individuals you would designate to serve on your behalf; and
  • Contact information for all other professional advisors including CPA, insurance, and financial advisors.

Estate Administration/Probate of Estate 

  • The Decedent’s original Will and any Codicils if applicable;
  • The Decedent’s Trust Agreement if applicable;
  • The Decedent’s death certificate;
  • Copy of any life insurance policies owned by Decedent;
  • Copy of all recent bank statements along with a list of bank accounts, certificates of deposit or safety deposit boxes;
  • Copy of any documentation regarding stocks, bonds, annuities, retirement plan, pension plan, 401k plan, IRA, or other investments;
  • Copy of all deeds to property owned by Decedent;
  • Copy of a paid funeral bill;
  • Copy of credit card statements along with any and all other bills of Decedent that have not yet been paid, including medical bills, mortgages, loans, or vehicle payments;
  • Any documentation from individuals stating they have a claim against Decedent; and
  • A list of the contact information for Decedent’s surviving spouse, children, parents if living, the children of a deceased child, the beneficiaries named in the Will if applicable.

Guardianship Application and Administration

  • Name and address of the proposed proposed Ward
  • Names and addresses of the next of kin of proposed Ward
  • Proof of known assets of proposed Ward
  • All Wills and Powers of Attorney of proposed Ward
  • For Administration:
  • Statement of Expert Evaluation
  • Guardian’s Plan for Person and Estate
  • Guardianship account statements
  • Bills of expenses of Ward
  • Any documentation requested by Moseman Law Office

Real Estate

  • The deed(s) to the real estate in question;
  • A copy of any mortgage, release from mortgage, line of credit, or property lien associated with the real estate;
  • Documentation regarding property taxes whether current or outstanding;
  • The contact information for any co-owners; and
  • The contact information for any individuals or entities the property is being transferred to.

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