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At the Moseman Law Office, we are dedicated to helping our clients understand and handle some of the most important legal matters they will encounter in their lives. These include tough things like bankruptcy, probate, estate planning, real estate, and even startup counsel. 

We understand legal issues are rarely simple or enjoyable. This is why we chose to become dedicated experts who can help you handle the driest and tensest forms of legal work, including those which relate to your family, finances, and business. Our goal is to make sure your case is handled with care, attention, and expertise so your stress is reduced. 

At Moseman Law Firm, we avoid the cookie-cutter mentality. Each of our clients is an individual with unique legal circumstances and we treat you as such. With this in mind, we characterize our approach as fresh and open-minded with an emphasis on creative but tight solutions. 

If you have any questions at all about your current legal situation, we would be happy to arrange a meeting and discuss your options face to face. Just get in touch with us to get started. 


Bankruptcy is not pleasant, but it is meant to help people facing severe financial challenges find relief. The Bankruptcy Code created by the United States Congress has undergone many changes, including the addition and removal of restrictions. One of the most recent changes went into effect in October 2005. Some of the changes included additional education requirements for bankruptcy relief and income-based restrictions for filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

If this sounds complicated, you need top legal aid to make sure you complete the process properly. An experienced lawyer will be able to help you choose the right type of bankruptcy belief for you and help you make a decision. 

Probate & Estate Planning

Managing the estate of a recently deceased family member is emotional and difficult. People often make rash or hasty decisions, and it is important to see outside help from a legal expert for a fair and honest perspective through the probate process. 

When it comes to estate planning, you want to make sure your assets are handled precisely the way you want once you pass away.  Working with a professional can help ease stress, tension, and uncertainty and provide relief. 

Business Startups

According to statistics, the majority of startups will fail. However, these numbers don’t show the most common reasons for that, including not seeking out legal counsel and professional help. Many business owners try to complete the entire process on their own, and this is a major problem for them down the road. 

To help you create a successful startup, we help new business owners manage the legal details behind the scenes so they can focus on creating a successful business. We love working with entrepreneurs and have multiple solutions available.

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