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Moseman Law Office is a full-service law firm in Northeast Ohio. As a full-service Painesville Ohio law firm, we focus on matters related to bankruptcy law, real estate, probate & estate planning, and business formation and support. Our goal is to use our experience, skills, and knowledge to develop sound strategies that help our clients obtain the optimal result with the least amount of time and cost. 

We Are A Client-Focused Law Firm 

Our Painesville attorney focuses on your best interests and legal rights. The mission of Moseman Law Office is to provide each client with reliable, trusted, and highly-competent legal services. We strive to respond promptly to our clients’ concerns and questions by keeping our clients fully informed during every phase of their legal matter. 

When you need an attorney to provide practical and efficient legal solutions for complex matters, you can trust that we are the right law firm for you.

Painesville OH Estate Planning Law Firm 

Attorney Heather Moseman works with clients regarding various legal matters related to:


Filing for bankruptcy relief gives you the fresh start you need to recover from a financial crisis. Common reasons for filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case include unemployment, divorce, excessive medical bills, death of a spouse, reduction in income, business debts, and permanent disability. It is possible to get rid of most, if not all, unsecured debts through a bankruptcy filing. 

Most people who file under Chapter 7 in Ohio receive their bankruptcy discharge within four to six months after filing. These individuals get rid of debts while keeping their property. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy case typically takes between three to five years to complete. However, a Chapter 13 plan allows you to stop foreclosure, stop repossessions, and stop debt-collection lawsuits. Through a Chapter 13, you can save your home and vehicle while getting rid of unsecured debts for a percentage of what you owe on the accounts.

Contact Heather Moseman, bankruptcy attorney, to discuss how filing for bankruptcy relief can stop creditor harassment and help you improve your credit rating and improve your financial wellbeing. 

Probate & Estate Planning 

Everyone needs an estate plan, regardless of the person’s financial, marital, or family situation. Without a will, Ohio intestate laws decide who inherits your property and how your property is distributed to those heirs. Friends and charitable organizations are not considered heirs under intestate laws. Distant relatives that you are close with may also not be considered an heir unless you have a will.

Estate planning also encompasses retirement planning, tax planning, and long-term care planning. Asset protection, including the use of various trust agreements, can also be a valuable addition to an estate plan. A comprehensive estate plan also includes incapacity planning through the use of powers of attorneys and other estate planning tools.

Let Moseman Law Office, LLC help you develop an estate plan that meets your goals and needs. Attorney Heather Moseman also assists individuals and families probate a family member’s probate estate or filing/defending probate litigation.

Business Startups

Entrepreneurs can benefit from the legal advice, support, and guidance of a Painesville business law attorney. From choosing the best business structure and legal entity for your company to registering your business, drafting operating agreements, creating business contracts, and protecting intellectual property, Moseman Law will protect your business and personal interests. 

We can help you set up and register a sole proprietorship, Limited Liability Company (LLC), partnership, or corporation. Learn more about how our business law services help you develop a successful and growing business enterprise by scheduling an appointment for a consultation with our business startup lawyer.  

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Discuss your legal matter with an experienced, skilled, and trusted lawyer. Contact Attorney Heather Moseman of Moseman Law Office, your Painesville Ohio law firm, to schedule a consultation. Call her at (440) 255-0832 or by complete the contact form on our website.

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