Moseman Law Office can help you through guardianship

Guardianship may be an option

Guardianship is the process of declaring a person incompetent to manage their own financial or physical well-being and granting the decision making to another party. Guardianship can be granted over a person’s estate (finances) or their person (physical health) or both. In order to obtain guardianship the applicant must file an application, post a bond (if financial) and attend a hearing on the application. Once guardianship is granted the guardian will be sworn in by the Court and then will have certain reporting obligations to the Court that they must fulfill.

The Guardian of the estate must obtain authority from the court to spend the Ward’s funds and must account to the court regarding the assets and expenditures made.

The Guardian of the person must file visitation reports with the courts throughout the year. All guardians must have the Ward evaluated yearly regarding their competency and file that report with the court.