“I’m afraid I will have too much on my plate and it will cause me to burn out.”

“I am terrified I will make the biggest mistake out of anyone in the office.”

“I’m afraid of confrontation.”

“I am scared that a youngster will take my job based on performance.”

“I’m afraid I will not make the deadline on this matter.”

These were the top five fears of office workers based on a nationwide poll: burning out due to too much stress, making mistakes, confrontation, being outperformed, and missing deadlines.  A metro market manager met with The Plain Dealer to discuss this poll and how to avoid these fears.  There has been a tendency recently for employers to hire and terminate or lay off with quick succession.  This leaves employees feeling uncertain about their job security. Employers are trying to make ends meet with as few employees as possible, and this leads most employees to wonder when the next downsizing will come.

There are many ways for employees to ensure their happiness and success within the company.  First, when feeling stressed, it is best practice to discuss this with your supervisor at an appropriate time.  For instance, any review you receive is an opportune time.  When there is one on one interaction with your supervisor there is a higher probability of being heard out and understood when you have your supervisor’s full attention. This way, you are able to explain why you feel stressed out and also can suggest potential remedies to the problems at hand.

Communication is key.  Without communication, the employer-employee relationship will suffer greatly.  Unless your supervisor knows you well, it may not always be evident when something is bothering you.  When there is an issue, always address it with your supervisor face to face if possible.  Finally, mistakes will happen.  There is no way around this.  When a mistake happens, address it.  Letting them go or covering them up will likely lead to a more difficult situation than the initial problem was.  For more information on Employment Polls, check out Olivera Perkins page at: http://connect.cleveland.com/staff/operkins/posts.html

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