The dreaded work/play balance… and how to achieve it or feel better about not being able to. I have been to seminar after seminar and paid lots of money to be told at the end ‘when you figure it out let us know.’

The Idea of “Swaying”

The May edition of Cosmopolitan has an article by Ashley Fetters who suggested that we ‘sway.’ She stated – and correctly – that you cannot have it all. There is no perfect work/play balance and at some point, each of those areas suffers or more importantly… we suffer. Her suggestion is to focus on either work or play and sway between the focuses.

If you know you have a big date on Friday, stay longer at work early in the week to get your work done. If you know you have a big family event coming up, ask your colleagues to cover some of your workload while you are gone and offer the same to them. This allows you to be fully present in each of your work and play areas without causing either to suffer. Even better, you don’t have to wear yourself out trying to be everything to everyone.

Learn to Sway

The suggestions on learning to ‘sway’ are 1) study the big picture, 2) plan ahead, and 3) sway together. To assess your priorities and obligations, look at what you have done over the past month to year to see where your time has been applied and how. Identify patterns, such as: During April, my work took priority, but then, in June, I spent more time with family and friends.

Knowing that you are working or playing hard now and that you can sway into prioritizing the other area later will help you satisfy all your needs without running yourself ragged.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead for big events, such as knowing that you want to play later in the week but also know you need to keep doing well at your job–so, plan to catch up early in the week to be able to be present for your play time later in the week. When you know you have big life events looming, ask your friends and colleagues for help covering for you in your work obligations and offer the same to them. Everyone gets to be present for both work and play and no one feels the pinch of trying to balance work and play.

There is never a perfect way to balance work and play but the ability to be fully present for each makes the quality better for you and those who depend on you or love you.

Balance in Life

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