Congratulations! You have graduated from college, with student loans and credit card debt! Now what? So you find a job in your chosen profession but you’re still living in your mom and dad’s basement. This was not the plan. What can you do? There are several options to manage or eliminate some or all of your debt. 

Student loans are almost impossible to get out from under if you can seek to consolidate them and defer them while you establish yourself.

Now, let’s look at credit card and medical bill debt. Medical debt is hard to deal with. Most hospitals have a forgiveness program and that should be your first avenue. Sometimes the hospitals will negotiate a reflection on the bill or a payment plan. The last option is bankruptcy which will discharge the debt.

Credit card debt can be managed through a not-for-profit credit counseling program like Aprissen. The next option is to attempt to settle the debt for less than the total due usually requires a lump sum payment or a healthy monthly payment plan.

The final option is a bankruptcy if you chose the settlement or bankruptcy option using an attorney to help you is the best option for an effective solution.

Bankruptcy can eliminate your medical and credit card debt to allow you to get back on your financial feet while your student loans are not in repayment of in forbearance/ defacement. Eliminating your debt allows a fresh financial start so you can leave your parents basement so much sooner!

If you have a brand new diploma and a pile of debt, get legal help now and protect your future at Moseman Law Office, LLC.