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The importance of proactive estate planning, such as creating a will and power of attorney, cannot be overstated as it ensures the proper management and distribution of your assets, as well as the care of your spouse, children, and other loved ones after your death.

Making an estate plan can be daunting, as there are many decisions to make and topics to address. An experienced lawyer with extensive experience in guiding clients in such situations is a necessary part of the estate planning process.

Moseman Law Office has been assisting clients in protecting their wealth, reducing financial risk, and providing for their families for many years. By ensuring that their money gets to where it is meant to go, we help our clients achieve their short and long-term goals. Your legacy will be preserved when you enlist our help.

In addition, we handle matters relating to bankruptcy law, real estate, probate, estate planning, and the formation of businesses. 

We Strive To Acquire Client Satisfaction

We ensure that our client’s interests are protected with our commitment to providing personalized and professional service. This has allowed us to serve generations of clients. Our firm has organized estates for four generations, and in some cases, one of our current clients can even be traced back to our earliest clients. 

Moseman Law Office, LLC spends time discovering your situation so that we can look at your goals to help you and your family reach them.

Kirtland Ohio Estate Planning Law Firm

In her position as a lawyer, Attorney Heather Moseman helps clients with legal issues related to:


Bankruptcy may be a topic you’d rather avoid discussing or even considering, yet it was created under US law to aid Americans in getting out of debt. You may have found yourself in financial distress for various reasons, but there is no shame in taking advantage of the laws in place to assist you in getting out of debt and regaining control of your finances.

There are two types of bankruptcy for people who have consumer-based obligations. These are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. A lawyer should be consulted to decide which chapter to employ, as both forms have advantages. Moseman Law Office, LLC, a bankruptcy law firm based that serves the entire region surrounding Mentor, Ohio can provide these solutions for you.

During a consultation with a Kirtland, Ohio bankruptcy lawyer, you will learn which chapter of bankruptcy will best suit your financial needs. 

Probate and Estate Planning

It can be challenging to plan an estate. Considering one’s death or what might happen next is something that nobody wants to contemplate. Generally speaking, we hope for our children to get along and our assets to be divided peacefully, but that isn’t always the case. This is why it is crucial to have an estate plan. You can plan how to distribute your estate in many ways.

Moseman Law Office, LLC can assist you with creating an estate plan tailored specifically to your needs. Attorney Heather Moseman also represents individuals and families in probate litigation and dealing with a family member’s probate estate.

Business Startups 

New businesses in Kirtland, Ohio, can both be thrilling and challenging. As you start your business, you must decide the type of business organization, whether or not to protect the name of the business, whether you want partners, and how you will treat your employees and independent contractors. You also want to plan how the business will provide for your family after you die. While starting a business in Kirtland, Ohio, there are many things to consider. You can contact Moseman Law Office, LLC today for assistance.

If you need assistance forming or registering a corporation, LLC, partnership, or sole proprietorship, we can help. Get in touch with our business law lawyers to learn more about how we can assist you in developing a successful and expanding business.

Consult an Attorney in Kirtland, Ohio, to Discuss Your Legal Issues

If you own real estate, business interests, or other assets abroad, you will need expert advice from someone you can rely on. If you are moving overseas, investing, transferring assets, or immigrating, we’ll ensure that your wills, trusts, and estates are structured to handle multiple tax regimes efficiently. In addition, we can help with bankruptcy and debt settlement. Contact Moseman Law today for help with your legal needs in Kirtland, Ohio.

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