Getting married and having a beautiful wedding provides everlasting memories for couples that signify their love amongst their friends and family. Some couples feel that they must meet expectations regarding their wedding and how it “should” be rather than what’s financially suitable for them. On your wedding day, it’s important to understand that it is your wedding day and not anyone else’s. When you consider the thoughts and opinions of others, be careful as it may lead to costly expenses. Trying to impress your guests will just leave you with additional debt and a rocky start to what’s supposed to be a joyful celebration. Here are some tips to make sure that you have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank. 

Establish your budget

Whether your budget is $500, $5000, or $50,000, do not deviate from that budget. You can find a way to make your celebration happen without having to go into debt and start your marriage behind the financial ‘8 ball’. What can cause you to go beyond your budget is the number of guests that are invited to your wedding. The food, drinks, chairs, or venue size will have to increase depending on who you decide to invite. If the budget is tight, try to keep it small! 

Reevaluate traditional “must haves”

You do not need a cake if you do not want one. You do not need a fancy sit-down dinner if you do not want to. These are extra things that can come with a hefty cost. This is your special day. Remember to do it your way. 


People at weddings are busy. You may pay attention to even the smallest detail but the majority of your guests will not. Furthermore, there is no need to create décor from scratch. Talk with other friends or relatives that have had a wedding before to get some ideas that can help keep the decor simple. You can also find plenty of beautiful decorations at your local stores that won’t mark the prices up just because it’s your wedding. 


No one is going to see you arrive in the fancy limo because they’ll be inside waiting for you both to stroll down the aisle and say “I Do.” Your guests may see you drive away as they show in your favorite rom-com film, but what’s all the extra cost for 5 seconds of fame? Save your money for the honeymoon and arrive in vehicles you already own. 


The invitations are more than likely going to get tossed after they’re used. Let’s face it; no one is going to save it past your big day, besides your Mom or Grandma. It only needs effective information to let your guests know where they should be and what time. The only reason you should have a program is if you are limited on time because of the venue. If time isn’t an issue, just let the wedding flow and enjoy your day stress-free! 

Party Favors

Your guests will likely leave them behind, and then you are left with dozens of things that you cannot use. Shall we skip these? You are already providing food and entertainment – that is enough to justify the gift!


This is where your money is well spent. These are the memories both you and your significant other will look back on as time passes and you both get older. Spend your savings here because every dollar will be worth it. 

The guest experience

Remember comfort over glamor. Your guests are there because they love you, not because of the fancy setup you are planning. All the guests are there to celebrate and honor your love for each other. Most of your guests will probably be happy that you are not blowing all this money on trying to please them because at the end of the day, they are there to support both of you.

Professional vendors

Use them! It is hard enough to wrangle the family and the fiancé to try and pull everything together. Let your family relax and celebrate with you on your wedding day. Don’t let them remember how they were cooking all the food and missed out on the wedding. Hire a vendor and let them handle the details!

Earn points or rewards

If you can use a credit card that pays you some sort of dividend when paying for your big day, do so. Some cards like American Express offer points that can be cashed out or used towards your travel miles for your honeymoon. You can also have some fun activities like a “money dance” that couples do to earn extra cash from relatives. You probably won’t earn enough to pay off your wedding completely, but you can make a little off your expenses. 

Remember Moseman Law is Here for You!

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest and most memorable days for both of your lives. Don’t let additional expenses put you in financial debt. This will only lead to your marriage starting out with financial stress and that no one else has to deal with that but yourself. If you happen to get into financial debt and need to declare bankruptcy, Moseman Law can help you with the steps you need. If you’re considering bankruptcy, contact Moseman Law. We’re here to give you the support you need.