It might seem like the gender of your attorney doesn’t make a difference, but sometimes it can matter. In cases of estate law and financial crisis, there is typically a lot of emotion and tension. A woman may be better equipped to navigate these kinds of high-stress environments than their male counterparts. 

Typically, most judges and lawyers tend to be men. Hiring a female attorney can bring a sense of reliability to the courtroom. Women are often perceived as fairer, calmer, and less combative. This perception can help gain the trust of a jury or judge to get a better outcome on your case. 

In other cases, a female attorney may be able to better understand your positions and so give you the absolute best representation. Representing clients requires more than just a strong grip on the facts of the case but also requires a kind of empathy and understanding. As such, there are some situations where a woman might be in a better position to understand a particular case and thus better represent her clients. 

There is also the matter of collaboration in the courtroom. Women are perceived as less combative and so can be better able to reach compromise in a civil manner. That is not to say that some people do not prefer a more aggressive lawyer. However, the process of the court typically favors a civil attorney who understands the importance of compromise when attempting to reach a favorable resolution. 

Here are some other reasons to consider hiring a female attorney

Knowledge of the Law

Women have been working as practicing attorneys in the US for over one hundred years, but the field is still dominated by men. As such, women are often subjected to harsh educational and professional pressure. Women attorneys are constantly challenged on their knowledge and experience. As such, only the top female attorneys stay in the profession. In general, women in law as a career have an incentive to have a better grasp of the law than their male colleagues. 


Given that only 3% of all civil cases and 2% of criminal cases go to trial, a large part of the legal profession is making deals and compromising. The vast majority of cases are settled by attorneys, so having a sociable attorney is always a good idea. Women tend to be social individuals and work well with others, so they can be integral to getting the quick and fair resolution that your case might require. However, female attorneys are perfectly capable of being aggressive as well when the law demands it. 

In addition to being more sociable, women are also trained from a young age to be good listeners. Many male attorneys will just go through the steps while a female attorney may be more likely to stop and listen to her clients. 


Having a woman attorney brings a kind of viewpoint that a male attorney does not have. For example, in legal proceedings, a female attorney may better understand her male client’s ex’s disposition, so she can help find a fair resolution that leaves both parties satisfied. 

Moreover, there are some issues that disproportionately affect women that a female attorney would be better suited to represent. Many female attorneys know what it’s like being on the “inside” of things like bankruptcy, financial hardships, estate planning, and more. 

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