Stay warm in winter weather

Welcome to northeastern Ohio.  The high this afternoon is forecasted to be negative five degrees (-5) and you do not want to leave the house.  Well, neither do I, but I have to so here are some tips.  You wonder how I am qualified to give weather tips.  Well, I am not just a local attorney, I am a former resident of northeastern Minnesota, oh, and northern Sweden.  So I have been cold.  Colder than this even.

So the first rule is that you do not have to be pretty and cannot be pretty to be warm.  Wear a hat, gloves, scarf, long johns (yes they still exist) and the thickest coat you can find.  If it is not warm enough wear two, yes two.  The above referenced (lawyer speak) do not have to match.  Hence you cannot be pretty to be warm.

Next, warm up your car before you drive away.  Your car is cold too.  If you do not happen to have heated seats, steering wheel or other fabulous car industry toys then you will be happy you heated up the car so you do not dive straight into an icebox.  Once your car is warm remember that the ground is frozen – yup it is.  Drive safely as you are now looking “fabulous” in your heated car.

Wear comfortable shoes/boots.  You will be wanting to run from your heated car to the next heated spot and you want to be able to do it quickly.  High heeled boots are cute,  but as referenced above, you cannot be pretty and warm.  Additionally, cute boots do not have enough insulation to keep you warm.  Side note – you will get colder falling on your butt trying to run in cute boots.  I suggest the bulkier and fluffier the better.

The best way to stay warm is to cancel all meetings, outings, social events and well, just your life, and STAY HOME.  Build a fire – if you have a fireplace – and drink your hot chocolate (spiked or not) or wine.  See you in the spring.

Now that you have had your funny bone tickled – hopefully – more information posted soon.

Heather Moseman